Having a presentable and clean house is vital, and that can be guaranteed with the help of regular vacuuming. Through this, you can keep dust and allergies at bay as you maintain clean floors and carpets for a significant amount of time at the same time. But you might be wondering about how long do you need to wait before you can vacuum your carpets and floors, regardless if it’s every day or once a week. Listed below are some of the things you need to consider before you’ll know how frequently you have to clean your carpets and flooring.  

Why do you need to vacuum? 

  • First of all, the major reason why you need to vacuum is to make sure that you and your family will be safe and in a healthy environment. Even though how hard you try not to track any mud into your home, microbes are still present and you just cannot stay ahead of them. On average, a person loses nearly 1,000,000 skin particles daily, along with between 50-100 hair strands. 
  • Moreover, you can save money by doing routine vacuuming. Professional Seattle carpet cleaning services will guarantee you that your carpet or rug materials will attain their full lifespan, rather than requiring a frequent carpet replacement that can be very costly. Take note that changing carpets after every couple of years can be an extreme hassle for you plus the installation costs that come with it.  
  • Last but not the least, vacuuming can help keep your carpets looking presentable and fresh for family and visitors to enjoy. Remember that a clean environment can effectively elicit good vibes.  

How Frequently must you vacuum your carpets or floor? 

  • If you had no obligations and you had unlimited resources and time, some would probably recommend that you need to vacuum daily. But if you’re one of those people living a busy life, vacuuming can be quite too much. To compromise this, you can at least vacuum your property once every week. 
  • Every 7 days, you need to at least vacuum the heavily trafficked parts of your house, and your floor and carpets will thank you for doing so. Moreover, you have to get every area—even under the cabinets and couch—approximately once every month. 
  • If you usually get more visitors or foot traffic compared to the usual house, or you have furry friends, then you must vacuum your floor more often, at least every 3-5 days per week. 

Why Get Professional Floor and Carpet Cleaning Services? 

Undoubtedly, vacuuming offers a lot of benefits for your carpets, flooring, house, and even the people living in the property. Homes with pets require extra vacuuming attention. But the daily hustle that most homeowners need to do keeps them from regularly vacuuming their homes. 

So, instead of squeezing this job into your busy schedule, you can easily contact the carpet cleaners near you. With their help, you can return to a home that’s extra clean with great air quality, leading to a healthier life.